We're two colleagues who became friends and now, business partners - Angela Tulio and Audrey Taylor Bereznicki. 

Angela is a mama to two precious babes and understands first hand how women and their bodies transform during motherhood. She's determined to create a capsule wardrobe that's stylish yet comfortable for everyday life.

Audrey is passionate about supporting her community, sustainable business practices and empowering women to look and feel their best selves. 

At MALOU Collection, we believe that women should feel comfortable and beautiful no matter what they wear.



A changing body is challenging at the best of times, and can shift your identity. You shouldn't have to shift your entire wardrobe 3 times in a year to accommodate your personal physical and emotional evolution. That's why we provide versatile pieces for you to style as your own. All items are also maternity and feeding friendly (nursing and pumping) - the garments are made with super comfortable premium fabrics and special features like hidden zippers and buttons to allow for effortless access to nurse or pump.


Early on, we made a commitment to doing things in a different way. For our planet, our people and our economy. That means working locally, as much as possible, making choices to use the more sustainable option, and using supplies that are less harmful to the environment. We aren't perfect, but we are committed to integrating sustainability across our supply chain and operations. For more details on how we're taking steps in this direction, please read through our Towards Sustainability page