Your Sign for a Little Self Compassion

New year, same pressures to work harder and be a better you? Admittedly, it can be surprisingly tough coming back from the break. Your routine might be out of sync, motivation could be at an all-time low... this was the case for me this week.

Serendipitously, I was in a meeting this week where someone highlighted the challenges of the past year, personal struggles, and the importance of having some compassion for yourself in these times.

Her vulnerability was a great reminder to me to extend some compassion to myself. So just in case you need it let this be your sign to extend some compassion to yourself.

Sometimes what you need is a nap
Sometimes what you need is to move your body
Sometimes what you need is a good cry
Sometimes what you need is a change of scenery
Sometimes what you need is a glass of water
Sometimes you need to take a beat, a breath, a mini meditation.

And most of the time, you need to have a little compassion for yourself, and fill your own cup.

I had a moment this week when I took this advice and ran with it. I grabbed a comfortable outfit (no surprise I gravitate towards our uber-comfy Pia sweater!), took a mid-day nap, had some water, sat down to work in a different room, and added a casual red-lip to my remote-work day.

Woman sitting holding a coffee mug

I'm so grateful to have had the reminder this week to have a little more compassion for myself, and I want to pass it on.

With love,


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