What Your Fur Baby Teaches You About Being A Parent

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There's a joke that owning a pet "fur baby" is the first step to couples becoming parents. Although it is definitely not the same thing as being a parent to a child, it really does teach you valuable lessons. A pet becomes part of your family and soon their little paws become a big part of your life. 

In honour of #nationalpetday, this post is dedicated to everything our dog has taught us about the responsibilities and joys of being a parent. Although we now have children and she doesn't always get the same kind of attention she used to - she'll always be the first "baby" that came into our lives. 

 - Angela Tulio, Co-Founder Malou Motherhood

1. The responsibility of owning a pet gives more structure to your life

Gone are the days when you can go out for spontaneous drinks after work. That's because you've got an adorable furball waiting for you at home. Not only do they need you for multiple reasons, they miss you - and you're eager to make sure they're always taken care of and you want to get home to them. Take that feeling of worrying about their well-being and multiply it by one hundred when you think about having a child. Actually multiple it by at least one thousand or a million because that's how much you love them.

2. Your pet may not be perfect but nobody better talk sh** about them

So you've read all the tips you found in Google search results and maybe attended a training class but honestly - you're just trying to do your best. Plus no pet is perfect and neither are you. So although you may get frustrated with them at times that doesn't mean you love them any or less or see them as any less amazing. Same goes with a child - they may make you crazy at times but ain't nobody allowed to speak ill of your child!

3. You get comfortable cleaning up the gross stuff

This one is pretty self explanatory and gets exponentially grosser with children. Have fun!

4. You know a new kind of fear

So you may have an irrational fear of clowns and heights but you're ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of the thought of something happening to your pet. They need you to take care of them and protect them from danger. That scary heart racing feeling when you think they're choking on something or got lost is a mini preview of what’s to come with a baby. Because with the fear is the guilt - that your number one job in life and priority got hurt or lost because of you. 

5.You can't imagine life without them

Who knew your heart was so big or that you could love someone so much? It's the kind of love that's actually indescribable and now you can't remember what life was like before they became a part of it.

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