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Malou Motherhood was started to meet a need we saw in our community: a lack of ethically-made capsule wardrobe pieces that work for the changing female form during and after pregnancy. 

The need for items that are soft, a great fit and versatile for the modern mom is undeniable, and we feel strongly that ethically made items are the way of the future.

That being said, we know that sustainable, slow fashion choices are not inexpensive. In every decision we make there's a push and pull between choices that bring us closer to sustainability while still remaining competitive. Our business model allows us to sell directly to our customers, one of the key ways we're able to keep our markup at 2.5-3.5 times instead of the traditional 5-6 times. 

We greatly appreciate all the support that we've received since our public launch. Every text, comment and like encourages us to keep going. So thank you to our malou mama community!

We're now a few months in and we're happy to announce that we're able to adjust our pricing which will ensure that our items are accessible to more women.

We've been inspired by the choices made by companies like Everlane, Asket and Free Label, not only because of their commitment to ethical fashion, but because of their transparency. Honesty is a key value at Malou Motherhood -  so if there are ever any questions about our garments, our process, or anything else, we encourage you to reach out to us. We'd love to hear from you!

One final thought - it can be challenging to make adjustments to our consumer choices. If you're struggling with the transition to making more sustainable choices with your clothing and you're encountering some sticker shock, instead of asking yourself why the piece is so expensive, we encourage you to ask yourself why a similar garment is so cheap.

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