Survive Baby Teething: Top Five Tips

There's no way else to describe it. Teething sucks. Big time. 

It's definitely not the most fun part of baby's early years but an important milestone in their development. From real seasoned mamas, here are some favourite tips to provide some much needed pain relief to baby and help you survive this parental rite of passage. 

1. Frozen Fruit in a Safe Feeder

Babies love to chomp down hard on anything while teething. It helps relieve the pain and probably allows them to get out some frustration too. It feels even better when it's really cold to help numb those sore gums. The Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder is great for this reason as you can fill it with an ice cube or frozen piece of fruit for baby to chew on safely. We made sure to buy two, so that way we always had a clean one ready to go when baby needed it/threw the other on the ground/dirty sink and wasn't available.

2. Frozen Milk Ice Pop

So part of the reason why babies get cranky while teething is that they are hungry. Actually let me correct myself...they are HANGRY (hungry + angry). When you think about it, it makes sense; their gums are sore and they're in pain so sucking and chewing is also painful. This makes eating and drinking difficult and so they're not able to eat properly. Freeze some formula or breastmilk in ice cubes to have on hand when you need them and serve them to baby in a mesh feeder (mentioned above). It's a double win, as baby gets to chop on something cold (pain relief) and finally get full. 

3. Boiron Camilia Baby Teething Relief Medicine

Boiron Camilia Baby Teething Relief Medicine is a homeopathic medicine that provides some much needed pain relief for baby. It doesn't contain sugar, dye, benzocaine, or preservatives. I always keep these stocked in our medicine cabinet and what's even better is that they come in serving size capsules. No need to figure out measurements making it convenient to throw into your purse/diaper bag for when you're on the go. If baby was having a particularly tough teething day, I would time a dose prior to a feeding/meal time so that way they could eat properly. 

4. Baby Tylenol

Classic pain relief. There isn't much medicine you can give to babies, but Baby Tylenol has been a medicine cabinet staple in our home. We always keep it stocked. Because more likely than not, it's going to be the middle of the night when you need it. You don't want to overdo it though, so make sure to watch the timing in between doses. Plan ahead so that way you can time a dose of Tylenol (if needed) right before bedtime to help relieve pain when the baby's tired and needs to sleep.

5. Extra TLC 

Of all things that baby will need during teething, it's extra cuddles and love. Teething is hard on baby and there's nothing that feels better to them. Until you experience it, no one can prepare for how tough teething can be on us too. Make sure to be extra patient with yourself as well. Thankfully, teething usually lasts a few days (once the tooth/teeth) has broken and then you both can fall back into your usual selves and routines.

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