Self Care and Wellness: Five Tools and Techniques

Motherhood is one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys you can take in your life. I say it's a journey because there will be ups and downs, detours, and unexpected surprises that bring so much joy. With an immense amount of responsibilities and care required in motherhood, self-care and wellness are crucial. 

Similar to how vehicles can't run on an empty tank, the same principle applies to parents. Today, we look at five favourite tools and techniques I use to unwind and practice self-care.

1. Honest conversations

In the age of social media, it can sometimes feel like there's extra pressure to make it seem like being a mom is always fun and rewarding. Moms can feel guilty or slightly embarrassed admitting that it can be hard. 

In our experience, having honest conversations with loved ones you trust will instantly make you feel lighter. Often, your friends and family will have experienced something similar and there's comfort in knowing that you're not alone. It's perfectly normal to have some tough days. These people may even have some advice or stories about how they got through their own bumps in the road.

2. Meditation

Mental clarity can be tough to achieve when you've got a running list of things to do and/or getting through the routines of daily life. Meditation is a simple way to take a few minutes a day to slow down and focus. Headspace is a great app that walks you through daily meditation. With easy to understand metaphors and instructions on how to slow down, Headspace is a user-friendly introduction into meditation.

3. Yoga

The practice of yoga to focus on breathing and stretching is widely known as beneficial. Instagram account @maryochsner shares beginner yoga tutorials to help start the practice of daily yoga. With themed yoga instructions and tips such as "yoga for better sleep" and 15 minute guided yoga flow", she walks users through each pose.

The reality is that most people (whether you're a mom or not) can't fit in long workouts easily. But with Mary's short tutorials, a good and short yoga workout is within reach.

4. Fill your feed with self-care and wellness

Another beneficial Instagram account to follow, @pickuplimes has content related to self-care and wellness. Her video "living lightly in a distracted world" discusses how to teach ourselves to let go and understand when we're using distractions to avoid the tough stuff. A short video and her calm voice provide a simple and a non-judgmental approach to lightening your mental load.

5. Hack your system

There are jokes and memes galore about how people need coffee to get through the day, but caffeine isn't the only way to 'hack' your system. There are different natural remedies and scents that can help you find balance. One of my favourite resources for this is Saje, a Canadian company that creates natural products that promote self care and wellness. I'm a big fan of their inhalers, with my favourite being Stress Release. Combined with a few minutes of deep breaths and slowing down, it helps me squeeze in mini-breaks when I need to pull myself back from teetering too close to the edge of being stressed or overwhelmed.


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