Road Trip Tips: Travelling With Little Ones

Road trips are synonymous with summer but easy isn't actually what you think when it comes to being on the open road with little ones. But with a bit of preparation and packing smart, you'll still be able to enjoy getting from A to B. Besides, all the memories you're going to make with your family are well worth the drive. 

Listed below are our five favourite tips for surviving a road trip with little babies and children:

1.Clean bums and potty time

Of course parents are obsessed with clean bums! Pack a wipeable changing mat and for those potty trained - even a little potty that they can sit on. Bathrooms and especially ones with change tables can be hard to come by when you're on the open road so don't leave it to chance. 

2. Map out break spots

There's nothing more painful than being stuck on a stretch of road with no washroom, place to eat, or even just a place to stop the car safely when you're on the road with little ones. Do yourself a favour and check where you can have mini breaks during your journey. That way you can gauge when to take those bathroom breaks or stock up on snacks/drinks because you know babe is about to take a long nap and your family can just hit the open road uninterrupted for a while.

3. Distilled water

If you're formula feeding, bringing along a supply of distilled water will ensure you can safely prepare baby's milk wherever you are. For a two-day journey to Portland, we got large multi litre bottle of distilled water that came with a dispenser/spout for easy access. Just make sure to keep it in a shaded/covered area in the car so it doesn't cook in the sun. This will allow you to keep the water at room temperature. 

4. Car sickness

Our first child got car sick easily and it was not fun. Thankfully it's gotten better as she's gotten older but we still need to be prepared for the occasional mess. The best tip we ever received was from our family doctor (who also had a puker in the family) and all it requires are Ziploc bags. At about two years old, we were able to teach our daughter to hold the bag near her if she started to feel unwell. That way she knew to get sick into the bag and holding a Ziploc was sturdier and easier than messing around with something flimsy. This has saved us from multiple messes and also helped all of us clue in to how she's feeling faster.

5. Pack a survival kit

These are things that are easy to access and not lost with everything else in the trunk. A spare change of clothes for everyone (because a mess is bound to happen), snacks, a fun distraction, a little safety kit and any other essentials. Think of things that will not only help you get through the drive but make it fun too!

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