Pre-Baby Date Night Ideas

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Our daughter was a few months old when we found ourselves stuck in a Wal-Mart parking lot. We had just stocked up on diapers and baby Tylenol (sexy I know) and it was pouring rain. We were nervous about the roads, so we decided to wait for a little bit to see if the rain would pass.

After a few minutes of relaxing in the car (scrolling Reddit and Instagram on our phones), we realized that she had fallen asleep on her own. The excitement of grocery shopping must have tuckered her out. So in that moment of parental bliss (baby napping yay!) we decided to take advantage of that little window of time by pulling into the McDonald's drive-thru attached to the Wal-Mart. We shared chicken McNuggets and an iced coffee in the car and in the rain. It was the most romantic thing we had done since our little daughter had joined our family. 

Reading this, it probably sounds a little pathetic, but to us it's become one of our sweetest memories of getting through the newborn phase. When you become parents, romance may seem like a thing of the past - but it's still there. It's just going to look and feel different.

So before baby arrives - and this applies to whether or not it's your first or second+ child, have some fun with these unique date ideas. These are the kind of dates that will be tougher to do while baby is small and most likely - completely dependent on mom. There's so much focus on planning a babymoon - why not treat yourselves to some romance that's right in front of you?

Top Five Pre-Baby Date Night Ideas

1. The Stay-In-Bed All Day Date

It's going to be a LONG time before you're able to be sleep-in uninterrupted and be lazy in bed. Turn off the alarm clock. Put on Netflix. Order takeout. Relax. This exhausted mama of two little ones is salivating just dreaming about a date like this. 

2. The Spontaneous Date

Any seasoned parent will tell you tales of how you plan to go out with a baby how it doesn't always work out. So in light of this - I recommend the spontaneous date. Just sit with your partner and think of something fun to do. Right in that moment and just head out the door and have fun! It's not about what you're going to do but just the fact that you can go out and do it right in that moment. Think fancy plant store, a favourite walking route, or your neighbourhood cafe.

3. The Late Night Date

Soon your evenings will be structured by bedtime routines and staying up because baby's teething/sick/whatever. Go out for a late dinner or drinks (even if they're virgin) because soon eating late will be anything past 6 pm. 

4. The Tiny Restaurant/Brunch With a Line Up Date

Restaurants where you have to wait in line for 20+ minutes to get in or places where they only offer high-top seats or little bistro style tables just aren't feasible with a baby. Have fun trying out a new place that everyone seems to be talking about or go to a fave spot. Just remember to bring snacks - because no pregnant woman should go hungry while waiting in line.

5. The Day Trip Date

Oh long car rides with a baby. I'll just let you imagine what that will be like. Escape the city with your partner and hit the road. Doesn't matter where you go - it'll be fun sharing snacks, listening to music or a podcast, and getting a break from your usual surroundings. 

These are some of our favourite pre-baby date night ideas! What do you think? Let us know your ideas in the comments!


Written by Malou Co-Founder Angela Tulio

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