Newborn Feeding Tips: Our Five Favourite Positions

Every mother wants to feel confident about feedings and how much their little one is getting. Feeding your baby is an ongoing journey that will have its bumps and highlights. Along with sleeping habits/routines, this will most likely be the topic you're googling most during the first year of baby's life. 

Listen to what your body and baby are telling you - and don't be surprised that the positions you use and feeding methods evolve as baby grows. It's part of the amazing relationship and special bond you'll create together. 

Listed below are our five real mama tested and approved positions, especially in those beautiful newborn days:

1. Football Hold

My favourite position as it was the position I held both my babies in during their first feeding after giving birth. Like holding a football, you support baby's head and neck gently and snuggle them close into your side. This is especially great for the early days when baby is adorably teeny tiny and may not be large enough to comfortably cross-cradle. 

2. Cradle Position

With baby on a nursing pillow/support, you lay them perpendicularly across your chest and gently support their head and neck. I'm short and to be honest never found a nursing pillow that I loved. This was a comfortable position for both baby and I and it worked great for when we were on the go/visiting at someone's house and I needed to improvise with what pillows they had.  

3. Cross-Cradle Position

The most classic position and one you'll recognize right away. You cradle them diagonally across your chest. Right arm for left breast / left arm for right breast. As baby grows, you'll be able to cross-cradle more often and will most likely become your go-to. 

4. Side-Lying Position

This is so great for nighttime feedings! Snuggle up to baby with both of you lying on your side and feed. 

5. Pumping and Bottle Feeding

Fed is best. Whether you breastfeed, pump, formula feed or do a combination of both - you are a good mom. Your baby is being fed. There's an incredible learning curve that comes with motherhood, whether it's your first or second baby. Do what feels right for you, baby and your family. 

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