Motherhood is everything in between mama, mommy and mom

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"The days are long but the years are short"

That saying is so true about motherhood that it hurts. 

The sleepless nights...
The sheer exhaustion...
The love you feel the first time they wrap their little fingers around yours...

You'll go from wondering how you'll get through the day to wondering how you could ever love someone so much. And as they grow up and you go from mama to mommy to mom - you'll wonder how time went by so fast. 

We know you're out there mama. Reading this during your first opportunity to relax because babe's finally fallen asleep for the evening. Know that only you can soothe their cries and make them smile a certain way. You're doing an amazing job and one day you'll look back at this time. You'll laugh and be proud of how you managed to keep it all together all while savouring the little moments. 

All those moments in between mama, mommy and mom. 


What phase are you currently in? What was it like going from mama to mommy? Or mommy to mom? Let us know in the comments below!

XO malou

Written by Angela Tulio, Co-Founder malou motherhood

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