It Takes a Village - International Women's Day 2020

malou motherhood - international women's day


When you become a mother, you hear the phrase "It takes a village" frequently to describe raising children. Whether it's communicated as advice or perhaps to provide comfort, it neatly captures the impact created by a strong support system. Similarly to parenting and having children - running a business is the hard part of actually having a business.

It's easy to daydream and brainstorm about creating wonderful things. Then there's the planning and creating a budget - which you will ultimately only use as a guideline (ask any parent). But then there's the steep learning curve and new challenges that suddenly seem to pop up out of nowhere. But with each challenge that you overcome is the realization that you've just hit a new milestone. 

Without our "village", we wouldn't be have been able to host our first pop-up last weekend. What you don't see behind the scenes are the amazing people in our lives that each had their own unique part in helping us achieve one of our goals. Among our support system are amazing women that we look up to and never falter to only be a phone call away. 

We're both fortunate to have strong mothers that understand how both to be loving and tough. Without them, we wouldn't be the women we are today and their impact on our lives can be seen in the very pieces Malou creates. Our Carole and Veronica dresses are named after them to express gratitude for all that they've done for us. 

In honour of International Women's Day, to our mothers, sisters, aunties, friends, and mentors we say thank you <3


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