Tips for More Sustainable Gifting

Reuse, reduce, recycle. A tag line that many of us are familiar with - it's what we

were raised on when it comes to bringing more earth-friendly practices into our lives. It's a simple concept, but can be lost in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping (even if it's mostly online!)

As we head into the holiday season there are many ways to make sustainable choices - choices that balance considerations for the economy, the environment and society. We're doing a series on our top tips for making more sustainable choices this holiday season.

Give an Experience, Memories, and Fewer Things

We've all received items that have been stowed away in a basement corner, never to appear again or received new mittens each year to keep our hands warm. In other words, we often give and receive too many things that either aren't right for us, or won't be used as intended.

Instead of giving tangible things opt for experiences, or items that can be used up.

1. Mini photo session with a local photographer
Perfect for someone who wants too update their headshots, or capture grandma and grampa with their grandchildren. You can add a picture frame and an note explaining the gift for the recipient to open.

2. A gift card or a membership to a service.
For those who have a hard time sitting still to read a book consider a 1 month Audible subscription, or passes to go to a museum.

3. The gift of a home culinary experience
Carefully select a favorite recipe for the recipient, buy key ingredients like spices, and create a bundle for the recipient to make for their family. Admittedly this may take more work, but can be a thoughtful and inexpensive gift.

Hand-pick high quality and unique products for a foodie friend from local spice markets and specialty food shops *bonus* This is a great way to support local entrepreneurs. Some of our favourites in Calgary are  Silk Road Spice Merchant and the Cookbook Co. Cooks

4. Give the gift of self-care
It's it's within your price range, you could consider a spa gift card, or make an at-home spa kit. You can recommend a peaceful playlist, add some bath goodies, like bath melts from Without Co.'s self-care collection, and a candle from a local maker, like  Milk Jar Candle Co. ( the sound of a wooden wick is the best! #woodwickforlife!)


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