Fall 10 x 10 Challenge

As with many, I've been living in set of items in my wardrobe. With less outings, and working from home, I've been finding that I gravitate towards certain garments in my wardrobe while others (literally) gather dust. So I'm hoping to go through my closet and identify pieces that I'm just not going to use, that I no longer need, and items that may need to be replaced because they can't be repaired. 

Admittedly, a good chunk of the pieces that need to be replaced weren't exactly the highest quality items - they were inexpensive and of inferior quality. But before I add anything to my closet, I wanted to challenge myself to get creative with some pieces in my wardrobe and also confirm which items I want to start replacing with slow fashion items*, so I decided to do a 10x10 challenge for the fall.

The 10x10 Challenge

In short, for this challenge, you pick 10 items and style 10 different outfits over 10 days. The 10 items do not include undergarments (including undershirts), or athletic wear - so long as you are actually being active in this wear. I approached this challenge with the intent to style 10 outfits that I could wear to work, grocery shopping, or to visit family.

I followed Style Bee's 10x10 challenge instructions fairly closely, except that instead of counting shoes, I included my jean jacket and my blazer (she counted shoes but not coats). I decided to do this as the weather in Calgary can be very unpredictable, so I didn't want to limit my footwear choices, plus I tend to style outfits with my jean jacket and blazer as a part of the outfit.

Challenge Outfits (2)

My Challenge Picks

- MALOU Carole Dress
- MALOU Pia Sweater
- Yellow Lace Top
- Blue Dress Shirt
- Light Blue Tank
- Black Short-Sleeved Turtle Neck
- Jean Jacket
- Cream Blazer
- Light Jeans
- Black Jeans

The Results

Overall, I really enjoyed the challenge. It got me thinking about different ways to wear items that I love, and it confirmed for me which items I really need to replace - like my black jeans (they aren't great quality and as a result they are devoid of shape after I wear them for 1 hour). 

The first few days, I loved the ease of picking from a select number of items. It made it very easy to get dressed in the morning. What was surprising, is that even just a few days in, I started to get really creative with my outfits and pulled out accessories to have some extra fun. 

While the creativity was flowing, by day 7 I wanted to repeat outfits. It wasn't tough to come up with other outfit ideas, they just weren't necessarily what I wanted to wear. You know that itch when you want to wear something that maybe isn't clean but it's your current favourite top? Yeah, me too. But that was part of the point of this challenge - to highlight what items I love to wear, and to help me cultivate a wardrobe of items that I LOVE.

All in all, this was a fun challenge - it got me thinking about what I choose to wear and about what kinds of items I want to integrate into my wardrobe. Fall Challenge Outfit Flat Lays (10)


  • Neutrals are great for this challenge.
  • If you like colour, it's helpful to pick 1-2 colours to integrate. Or use accessories to add colour.
  • Consider what the weather will be over the 10 days - we had a few days of surprise 30 degree weather which I was not prepared for - and I was a little warm in my jeans and t-shirt to say the least.
  • If you shift to a capsule-style wardrobe, you definitely need to be prepared to do small loads of laundry often OR you need to be less messy than me (and perhaps cook with an apron on...). I literally stained one of my tops during the challenge which meant it was taken out of rotation.
  • This one is probably obvious - start the challenge with all your items clean and ready to go! This will help you as you kick off the challenge.
  • If you're able to, consider moving items that you aren't going to wear to a different part of the closet, or your home. This helped me focus on what items I could use instead of being tempted away by another item that didn't make the cut for the challenge.

 *Slow fashion is really the antithesis to fast fashion. Where fast fashion meets the trend of the hour and is made with inferior quality materials, and often in unethical conditions, slow fashion aims to infuse sustainability throughout the supply chain by making items of higher quality that are versatile and made in more ethical ways. If you're really curious, check out this great article from The Good Trade about slow fashion.

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