Date Ideas - For You, Your Partner and Your Littles (Optional)

It's no secret that connecting with your partner is an important part of a relationship - and since the age-old, dinner and a movie date on the town isn't possible in most places right now, Angela and I have rounded up some ideas on how you can connect with your hunny while staying safe - we've even added some ideas on how to get any kids involved in the fun.

1. Day Trip!

With travel limited a day trip is a great way to get away. Plan your route, make a playlist, and head out to see a part of your community you've never seen, or maybe haven't visited since you were a child. Consider taking a day off together - there's something about it that makes this feel extra special. If it's hard to make it out of the city, consider checking out a cool piece of public art, or the architecture of a great new building in your city.

With mini me: Encourage your kids to take a picture while on the trip and to write down why it was a special day, or to gather some leaves for a leaf rubbing activity the next day.

2. Get Inspired on a Walk

My husband and I LOVE to walk around different neighbourhoods in town. These walks give us ideas on what do to in our garden, what kind of aesthetic we like in a house, and gives us a little nudge to day-dream about our future together.

With mini me: ask your little ones to point out what they like about someone's yard, or what kind of flowers they like during the walk.

3. Fancy Picnic

Picnics are bar-none my favourite thing to do. There are many versions of the picnic: move the couch and lay a blanket for an indoor picnic with finger foods, backyard picnic, bike-ride picnic, or you could try a fancy picnic!

We've been missing getting all dressed up, so we're planning to get gussied up, like I might actually wear lipstick, and we'll lay a blanket in the back-yard for a fancy picnic! I'll be wearing my Carole dress because it's one of my go-to items for when I want to look nice while feeling comfortable.

With mini me:  Get your little ones involved by having them pick out one thing to serve. Nothing quite like ants on a log with a charcuterie board, am I right?

4. Themed Night

Are you both major Harry Potter fans... Dr. Who... Downtown Abbey? Try a themed date. You can pick a theme in advance together, and plan an on-brand meal, cocktail or mocktail, and if you're really ambitious, maybe dress according to theme.

With mini me: Try a kid-friendly theme - like Toy Story or Jurassic Park. If you ask nicely, maybe those great kids will even make you some on-theme decorations!

5. Activity Date

If you enjoy activity dates, there's lots you could do, so here are just a few ideas:

  • Home Paint/ Craft Night - The key here is preparation. Pick out a video tutorial or find instructions online, gather what you need, and get cracking!
  • Board Game/ Video Game Night - Either dig in to your existing collection, or ask a friend if you can borrow one of theirs in advance.
  • At Home Tasting - Pick out a few beers from a local brewery, try a new kind of gin in a special cocktail, or pick out a few fancy cheeses. You can make score cards and even rate what you try!

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