#communityovercovid Helpful Instagram Accounts to Follow

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While practicing safe social distancing, many of us are spending extra time online. More than ever, we're using social media to stay connected and informed on a variety of topics.

Listed below are five of some of the instagram accounts that we're following to provide fun and helpful content during a hard time!

1. @gocleanco 

A Calgary-based house cleaning company, Go Clean Co is the epitome of clean house goals. Over 100,000 followers watch their daily insta stories offering cleaning recipes and tips. Straight forward, practical and simple cleaning tactics are exactly what we need during at time when we're trying to stay safe and sanitized. 

2. @mothercould

Stuck at home with little ones? Yup, we know that sh** is hard. Thankfully Myriam Sandler has come up with fun, cute and easy DIY activities for them to do at home. With a focus on bright colors, sensory play and utilizing recycled materials - you'll also want to join in on the fun. Our favourite creative activities include popsicle watercolour painting and ice cream play dough. 

3. @shedd_aquarium

Who doesn't like seeing cute animals on a daily basis. The amazing Shedd Aquarium in Chicago posts daily videos featuring their many aquatic animals with fun facts. Check out their videos of the animals visiting each other at a safe social distance - our favourite being the penguins going on their daily walk throughout the aquarium!

4. @johnkrasinski

With an overabundance of negative news on the media, it's a breath of fresh air to hear some good news - AKA his new youtube series! We all need some light hearted fun and it's a reminder that it's okay to laugh once in a while. 

5. @avenuemagazine

Avenue Magazine Calgary (our hometown!) has always made sure to feature local businesses and personal stories. But during a scary time in an uncertain economy, their posts and stories encouraging support for YYC based businesses is a God send for small businesses. From where to get takeout or how to utilize counselling services, they're doing small acts that mean the world to many Calgarians.

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