Baby's First Valentine's Day Craft

Baby's First Valentine's Day Craft DIY for Kids

Considering that we shower our babes with love, Valentine's Day is a great holiday to DIY a little craft to mark the occasion. We're a fan of the classic gesture of giving a loved one a handmade card. 

It'll take a couple of tries and a few deep breaths, but embrace the fun of getting to paint with your fingers and tickle your little babe's toes!

What you'll need:

- Crayola Classic Washable Kids Paint; the small 2 oz jar has enough for this craft and we used Coral for a classic pale pink
- Small card stock or construction paper (something with a little bit of weight)
- LOTS of baby wipes
- Something to help keep baby secure such as a high chair, bumbo or lobster chair
- Another person to help if possible (and also have fun with)


1. Even a baby that can sit up proudly will still squirm and be a bit too wiggly for this craft. So after learning the hard way (and ending up with paint everywhere on myself), do yourself a favor and put your baby in a secure chair of your choice. 

2. Pour a little big of the paint on a dish and use your fingers to apply the paint on their foot. It's best to paint one foot at a time to practice and minimize mess. 

3. If you're lucky enough to have a friend or loved on helping you; have them keep their hands clean and help by passing you card stock and using baby wipes to clean up any rogue paint.

4. You can do the other footprint to create a heart shape while the paint is still wet from the other foot. 

5. If you'd like to do more than one color or have multiple children on one card - we recommend letting it dry in between. 

This has been one of my favourite keepsakes! Not only was it funny putting it together but baby feet are just so darn cute. 

XO malou

Co-Founder Angela Tulio

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