Babymoon for your Budget

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First off, budgeting gets a bad reputation.

We often hear the word budget thrown around in a way that creates shame like it’s a bad thing to have a budget. For some reason, we associate budgeting with some negative thoughts, or preconceived notions about why someone might have a budget.

In reality, we all do need a budget, regardless of whether we have endless resources or if we need to get creative with how we use our funds to do just that: fund our lives. I prefer to think about a budget as the way that we plan to spend our funds. No guilt, but often, there’s compromise, which is okay!

Here are some quick tips to help you upgrade your babymoon by being intentional with how you choose to spend your money so that you prioritize the things you and your partner want to get out of this holiday - whether you have a few hundred dollars to spend, or you’ve been saving for a luxury babymoon.


Go Halfsies for your Meals

One of the most expensive parts of travelling is food, which makes meals a great place to make some adjustments to splurge on experiences that might be more important to you. Instead of eating all your meals out, split your meals between eating out and eating in. By buying groceries to make a few of your meals you can save a bundle and re-allocate those funds for a fancy dinner, or an excursion that might otherwise be out of reach financially.

At minimum,  when travelling you’ll typically have access to a fridge and boiling water. Things like yogurt, granola, and fruit  make for easy breakfasts... although I’ve pre-boiled eggs before too! For lunches I recommend sandwiches, but if you’re a little more ambitious plan a more elaborate picnic with dried fruit, charcuterie, and veggies which also offers you the opportunity to make an activity out of going to a local specialty grocer as a couple (don’t forget to ask for samples!)


Stay a Little Closer to Home and Explore your Backyard

If you are anything like my husband and I, you love a good weekend getaway that’s close to home. Plus, if you plan your babymoon a little later in your pregnancy, staying closer to home might be the right choice for you.

This can take the pressure off your budget in many ways: you save on flights, save on gas, health insurance, and if you pick someplace less travelled, your dollar will go much further for meals and accommodations when compared to larger city centres.

If you’re looking for inspiration to find a rural oasis of relaxation or a quaint town nearby to check out, take a look at your local tourism bureau website. They highlight different areas, unique experiences and shine a spotlight on hidden gems! Tourism Calgary and Tourism Alberta both have great sites that have helped us pick our next summer weekend getaway - Drumheller, AB.

Bonus: by staying close to home you can support your local economy!


Focus on Connecting with your Partner

This tip isn’t so much about lowering costs in one area as much as it’s about making room in your budget to do the things that bring you together with your partner. Babymoons have become more and more popular in recent years. While some friends of mine have seen it as their last chance to really splurge on a trip, others take the opportunity to go somewhere they don’t think is a feasible place to travel with kids in the coming years.

What everyone seems to have in common though, is that their babymoon is a chance to connect with their partner before going through a major relationship transition. We recommend that you lean in to this as much as possible!

Take the time to think of the activities and the times that have brought you closer together and carve out room in your budget so that you can do some of these things on your babymoon.

If you need a place to start brainstorming consider looking at your individual love languages - touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service and gifts. By understanding how your partner feels loved you can plan activities that get you the most bang for your buck to connect.

There are tons of free quizzes online and it’s a great reminder of how your partner feels loved. For instance, gifts ranks very low for my husband... like they don’t rank at all. So when I’m trying to show my love, getting him a gift really doesn’t get the intended result, so instead I focus on quality time and plan a nice date night activity.


Remember that no matter what your budget is, there are ways to make your last moments special before baby comes. What are your tips and tricks for planning a babymoon?

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