Baby Checklist: Getting ready for life with a newborn

Last week, we looked at an updated pre-baby  bucket list to complete during those last few weeks/months of pregnancy. Just because things are different right now, doesn't mean that parents can celebrate and prepare in unique ways. 

This week, we look at a baby checklist for preparing for newborn life. Whether this is your first child or another little addition to your family, adjusting to life with a newborn requires a lot of support. This is especially true during the pandemic when parents are facing an unprecedented amount of uncertainty and fear for the safety of their families. 

We hope that this checklist can help you and your family prepare in ways you may not have thought of yet. And most importantly, make sure to slow down to take the time to enjoy all those newborn cuddles and amazing baby smell. It's such a short but precious phase to experience together!

1. Gear up for socially distanced visits

Do you have what you need to visit safely with loved ones and stay connected? Not only do you want to introduce your lovable little baby to everyone, it's so important for parents to keep in touch with their support systems.  

Maybe it's having some foldable camping chairs to sit and visit or upgrading your tech gear to connect virtually. Think about how you've been able to engage while social distancing now and what you'll need to ensure you can interact comfortably with a newborn.

2. Social bubbles

Similar to thinking about social distancing, take a hard look at your bubble of family and friends that you will want to continue to interact with. Are these people you feel confident can maintain being in your bubble? Are you sure they will be upfront and careful if they think they have any symptoms?

It's hard to imagine not interacting with certain people in your life for a little while, but babies can get sick very easily. They're building their immune systems and even without a pandemic - watching a little one get sick is extremely difficult for parents.

3. Nesting

With more time at home, embrace nesting and get what you need. Cozy blankets? A stocked pantry? You're going to be spending a lot of time at home (this is true of parents in general), so allow yourself to really enjoy this slower pace.

4. Frozen meals and groceries

Even without a pandemic, we highly recommend asking loved ones to prepare some frozen meals for you and your new family. A new routine and a teeny tiny baby that requires all your attention doesn't necessarily lend well to cooking regular meals during those early days. 

Talk to those that you feel comfortable asking for a few frozen/prepped meals and ask what they like to make. They're also doing you a favour, so try to be considerate of what they can afford/easily make and they'll be even more happy to help!

5. Cozy and comfy clothes

Breastmilk, spit-up, diaper surprises - you're most likely going to be living in sweats and comfy clothes. Easy to wear and easy to clean. Thankfully, malou has got you covered as our clothes were all road tested by real moms for real life with children. Lightweight and breathable, our clothes help you go from bump to baby all while being breastfeeding and pumping friendly. We've got you covered mama!

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