An Updated Baby Bucket List During "The New Normal"

While living in "the new normal" or whatever that is, a pregnancy should still feel and be celebrated as a special time in your life. Although there may not be a large baby shower or tropical babymoon, that doesn't mean you can't complete a nice little bucket list before baby comes. 
Listed below are our five recommendations to treat yourself before you embark on the greatest journey you'll ever take. Motherhood. 
1. Maternity photos
One thing moms will tell you is how quickly you miss being pregnant once baby arrives. And just as every baby is unique, so is every bump and pregnancy. 
Whether it's a socially distanced photo shoot with a photographer or nice pictures taken by a loved one - make sure to take photos! You'll never regret having pictures of your bump and having captured this special time in your lives. 
2. Date night
Who doesn't love a good date night? But this isn't just about spending time with your partner, this also applies to a dear friend or loved one. Giving each other undivided attention without a babbling baby will soon change.
If you don't feel comfortable going to a restaurant (which is totally understandable), try ordering some fun takeout or making try cooking a new meal together. It's a great opportunity to get dressed up in your favorite duds like our Veronica dress and add some glam accessories!
3. Mini road trip
Whether it's an weekend getaway or just a day trip, a mini road trip is something that's much easier to do without kids. Make a fun playlist, pack some fun snacks and plan a mini getaway that suits your comfort level and budget. Local businesses will appreciate your support and honestly, who doesn't enjoy getting out of the city to disconnect a bit?
4. A fab haircut
I don't know a single person that doesn't need a haircut since we had to adjust to our new normal. It's amazing how a haircut can make you freshen your look and feeling about yourself. So whether it's a trip to a hairstylist or getting a cut from someone you trust (and knows your sense of style), we highly recommend a new hairdo!
5. Treat yourself
Although there's nothing wrong with living most of our days in a certain point it's just nice to wear something else. Anything else. This is even more true in those early newborn days when you're surviving on minimal sleep and energy. Shameless plug here but this is why our malou clothing is so wonderful! Bump to baby and feeding friendly, our pieces will make you look and feel great. Who doesn't want that?

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